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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Pain of Love Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Mervis4uonnet, Nigeria Apr 25, 2007
Health   Poetry


Someone has left the fold
And is deep down in the cold
It can’t be possible
I said in my voice that was barely audible
I couldn’t fathom all I was hearing
Not until I said to myself
You are never going to see him again, he’s gone!
That was what brought cold into my bones
As a chill ran down my spine.

All the teasing, learning, and playing,
All the joys and sorrows we shared,
Are all gone with the wind?
And am never gonna see you again?
Is that what this death thing means?
Nobody answered me
For everyone was anguished too.
A friend whispered to me, all is well
Do not in your sorrows dwell
But I knew he didn’t understand
And would never stand
The pains of love, when you love and lose

I raised my tears-filled eyes and prayed
Oh Lord, fount of love
Touch my spirit from above
And give me the peace of a dove
So I can bear this pain of love

Turning to my left, I saw my mother
And I thought, not I alone loved my brother
At that sight my heart melt
For I knew she understood what I felt
Is there one who wouldn’t weep,
At the loss of a love so deep?
Which human heart would refrain,
From understanding this my pain?

Getting up, I walked to your room
Seeing your picture where it still hangs,
My heart beheld the pangs
As the pain pierced me through
And in my heart, each wound renewed
Then I said to your image
You wanted to serve your nation
Now you hang in desolation.
Go to heaven and stay
While I weep and pray
And to the devil, may you not fall prey

I sat on your bed
And on your pillow, I rested my head
Oh! So my brother is dead?
That was the last thing I said
For I fell asleep on your bed

“Daughter of sorrow, wrapped in grief
I breathe on you, the spirit of relief
By your dire and deep distress
Caused by a love that fathomless
I have tampered justice with mercy
That you may see your brother again”
I woke up and realized I had been visited by the Lord
I took my Bible, and read his word
Oh! I was sad and sorely distressed
That I forgot I was blessed
He said I would see you again
So, this pain does have a gain
I can now endure the pains
Cos I know that you are with
Someone who loves you more than I do.



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wow!! massive
Peculiar Ediomo-Abasi | Apr 27th, 2007
this is heart touching. mervis if i may ask, is this a true story? what a talented being u are. can i get to know u more

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