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Our Funny Elections Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by AMADASUN AIMUAMWOSA, Nigeria Apr 21, 2007
Human Rights   Opinions


As far as i am concerned there were no election in Nigeria.The process was marred by so many irregularities that even a blind man could tell the story better than the television. How can one say there was an election when ballot boxes were being thrown around like baseballs by those who have vowed to cling to power.

At first people were afraid to go the polling stations, later after many media announcements, they went there to cast their vote only to discover that their vote was going to be stolen away.

While some ballot papers were burnt by angry mobs who could no longer stand the irregularities, many people lost their lives and properties worth millions of dollars were destroyed by angry party members. Despite all of these issues, the INEC officials were calling the results of elections that never took place.

The funniest part of the whole process was the so called international observers who said that the election process was successful. One begins to wonder their yardstick for rating a successful election.

while i am busy writing this article there youths outside the cafe walking round the streets ready to cause chaos at the slightest provocation. Nigeria is my country and i will do all it takes to maintain her image, but to call the 2007 elections a success will be a disgrace to my fatherland.

No one knows what will become of the polity after the elections, but we are hoping to have a smooth transition from democratic government to another.



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Writer Profile

I am AMADASUN AIMUAMWOSA from Nigeria.I am a graduate of theater and Media arts. Writing is my hobby
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