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why they will have to go abroad? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Ogaga E. Maxwell, Nigeria Apr 20, 2007
Human Rights   Opinions


I have been reading different stories about those who migrate from Third World countries overseas for greener pastures. Although I will not encourage that, but before we talk about those who are going abroad lets us find out WHY. The conditions in these nations that people are leaving are nothing to write home about, power supply is low, in a world Internet is not accessible, school strikes keep people out of school for years and cost of living is rising. For any plant to thrive there must be the conducive environment. Creativity in third world nations is almost zero, because you are told how to live, until you settle the issue of survival you cannot talk of what to become or what to do for your nation. In the midst of these leaders or better still Democratic dictators who have enough foreign cash to provide lights for a city, their children stay abroad, they are flown abroad for expensive treatments. Most leave out of frustration, the system on ground takes FAITH. Convictions beyond the ordinary to stay. I know most Africans are hurt because no matter where you go you are a second citizen even if you talk like a white man, a black man is always a black man. Take the case of Senator Barak Obama that had to return to Africa.
When you watch CNN, anything that's about Africa, they have these horrible pictures that they always show which breaks our heart, Nobody sees the developed areas in Africa and wouldn't like his/her country to ever be like that.
Let us put our hands together and see the new Africa.



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Ogaga E. Maxwell

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