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One Blood One Body Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Prince Charles Jiduwah, Nigeria Apr 11, 2007
Culture , Human Rights , Education   Short Stories


I was born to a man and woman I called Mama & Papa, They were also born to their own Mothers and fathers Who I called Grand Parents, Whom were also born by woman and man
I got to know as my Great-Grand Parents.

These births went on and on and on and on, leading to one MAN and WOMAN the first HUMAN on earth. Many people called them different names,
But no one has disputed they were the first to be created.

This goes to say we all can be traced to these couples, the first people to be made. That is to then say that we are all families of the grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand it goes like that until we meet the first two.

This goes to say why black, white, red, brown colour people have the say colour of blood and the same body features. Like Red blood, two eyes, a nose, tow hands, to legs, mouth to eat, etc.

The only thing that is different is our outer skin colour, which was given to us to protect us.

Why the hate? Why the racism?

Say No To Racism!



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Writer Profile
Prince Charles Jiduwah

I am a person who want to bring about positive difference in this world. I want to lead a change over a campaign that will address most of the problems we face today globally.

I understand that to make any meaningful impact I will have to take the bull by the horn.
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