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Make Poverty History Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by (no name), Apr 2, 2007
Technology   Opinions


Enterprise Global Bengal’
HUMAN Network INDIA, First Generation Campaigner, MDGs, UN
HUMAN (Healthy Universe for Man, Animal and Nature) Network India is an action Network and Capacity Builder of socio-entrepreneurial NGOs (Local, Regional, National & International). HUMAN Network India (HNI) - a major group dedicated to Sustainable Livelihoods Development in rural India in community level with the active involvement of socio-professional NGOs. HNI is at present working in Eastern India as First Generation Campaigner of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of United Nations (UN), esp. MDG 1 & 2, through Micro Enterprise Cluster Development Programme.

HUMAN Network India mainly deals with the REGP (Rural Employment Generation Programme) and sustainable livelihoods for slum dwellers in cities with the active involvement of Micro level income generating Clusters and building capacity for NGO governance at Local, National and International level. HNI is generating employments through Peer Motivational Programmes, Knowledge exchange opportunities for Capacity Building, Project planning, Funding and Implementation within NGOs and open source ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) concern to achieve MAKE POVERTY HISTORY, NO EXCUSE 2015, through Micro Enterprise Cluster Development Programme.

Our Business Model “ Enterprise Global Bengal “ does focus on competitive market-based strategies for low-income micro clusters with a mission towards SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. HNI provides them support in the different steps required to bring a solution to the end-client stakeholders including both - product and service development, production, distribution, marketing and communication through Micro Enterprise Cluster Development Programme.


Objective : Make Poverty history, No excuse 2015.

Steps : Poverty cannot be eliminated or reduced, unless concerned people – GRASS ROOT LEVEL to TOP LEVEL are properly guided, convinced, educated and trained, in the process readily implemented, having assured result of good and persistent income resulting noticeable change in FINANCIAL STATUS leading to SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOODS, that could be achieved in a reasonably short time, say TWO YEAR.

And it is possible by marching vied the steps proposed through World Class Micro Enterprise Cluster Development Programme & this transition is led by educated entrepreneurs.



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