by Henry Ekwuruke
Published on: Mar 31, 2007
Type: Poetry

Thou ravishing daughter of my king
Such a radiant epitome of beauty
Captured in an earthen flame
A fountain sealed awaiting time
Thy appearance sends to our hearts
Genial messages of love and pride
From an orchard of pleasant flowers
Sending news valiant to hear and sleep
Fertility laid her blessings upon thee
Our minds counted the days as it approach
It came like a winter in a summer
Dirge is enthroned in our village
Once again you become a victim and not victor
Of maternal mortality
A goal never defeated because of time
Mother and child ended in preventable circumstance
Snatched before my eyes the beautiful ones of my heart
The blessed mother and child together
To under served silent killer nurses worried
Of poor health care centers of no facilities
Not even a ray of hope on our face
Beyond laughter is sadness enthroned
Pain and anger lavished and defeated
Our eyes looked up for state statement
Behold no reaction, no consolation but sorry
Even as the beautiful two of the earth lives without peace!

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