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A Trip to Insanity Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by TOPH, Philippines Apr 12, 2003
Human Rights , Culture   Short Stories


After he half-emptied our catsup into his plate he asked what is the food I prepared. I told him it’s squidball, he tasted and said “Sarap!” While we were eating I tried to ask him questions, but instead he was strong to ask me questions. He asked, where are we?

I told him we’re in Morong, Rizal. He refused to believe we’re in Morong and queried that if he said we’re in Antipolo would I believe him. I said no! I insist that we’re in Morong.

He continued eating. Out of a blue moon he uttered the words that he has the power of God. He said that the only difference is that he is human while God is God. To demonstrate his power (even with my forceful hessitation) he began to offer a prayer. He prayed ‘Ama Namin’ then began to sway his hands, while his eyes were closed. He swayed his hands to his head, then to his right then to his left side. Suddently, he began to talk to his “inner self”. It was as if he was reminiscing the things that happened to him all through out that day. Or someone in him was telling him what had happened. He was talking to the “other people” in him.

Afterwards. He looked straight into my eyes. I looked back into his. He seemed sincere in what he was saying. Then after a sudden he brought up the issue that he usually told people that he has a knife in his bag. Well, he said, it was not really true(Thank God!)it was just his way for people not to ridiculle him. I gave him a glass of water, but he refused to drink water from the faucet, he wants cold water.

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Writer Profile

Since 2003 I've been an active contributor of Panorama. I am grateful for this online magazine for allowing individuals to be able to share their ideas and expression to other youth across the globe. Exchanges of ideas and aspirations leads to empowerment and spark of inspiration.

Panorama Rocks!

Msanii Wa sanaa | Mar 14th, 2004
I think this piece is great!Keep up with the good work!Vincho

From the speack of lead to a gas chamber.
Gulnara |
Cute. Very close to truth. So often people are victims of an odd circumstance, something invisible, perhaps, like a dust of lead, can screw the person, and even end him totally with the hands of the law. In this light, I totaly support Russian law, that prohibits an execution of the criminals, whom in USA would end up on a death road. Although, just moral support is not enough. Like in this story- come up with something usbstantional.

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