by justin ling
Published on: Apr 11, 2003
Type: Opinions

It’s Friday and there is no lecturer in class, so I stay home. After half an hour of looking out to the window of my room, I asked myself… what am I going to do today, besides going to the gym later in the day. Then I decided to venture into watching a cartoon! Now, I hardly watch cartoon nowadays. I guess I have hanged it up in my childhood cupboard long time ago. After flipping thru on what I wanted to watch I came across "Ice Age." That animated movie has been out for awhile, and since I’m not an animated cartoon buff, I never had the guts to really look into watching them in the cinema (thinking its childish and a waste of money).

Boy, I was wrong! The movie is awesome. It was indeed entertaining. It's about the starting of Ice Age era, and all the animals are migrating south. The animals go in groups of their own clan (just like us humans, Russian and Russian, Chinese and Chinese, and so on). The wonder of the story is that these few animals that are left behind come together to find the baby’s dad. They look out for one another and face the obstacles together.

Relating this to our society, our world should be like those prehistoric animals that are left behind, coming together as one in reaching a goal. We all can live as one in harmony. The diversity of culture and religion make a unique place to live in for all of us. All we need is understanding of one another and be able to tolerate the differences in every person. Each of the prehistoric animals has their own story and background with their own strengths and weaknesses. So does we humans! When we come together as one, we learn about the strengths and weaknesses of one another and with that, we can work to develop a better society for the future.

I was an exchange student back in 2001. It was indeed a joy to be surrounded by people from all over the world. I could really see the world coming together as one in peace and harmony. We always talked about our differences and the common things that we share in each culture. Through that experience, I managed to have a better understanding of the culture and diversity of the people on earth. The barriers between people are country, language, religion and culture but all this is what make our lives unique!

It makes our world interesting, and “it’s a discovery everyday.” If everyone is the same then it will be a dull place to live in. With all the differences, we should channel them into a way of learning and understanding in having a stable world where everyone is at peace. The world today needs more understanding. We judge and stereotype people the fast without giving ourselves a chance to know them. It was stupid of me to think that watching cartoons is childish. From now on I’m going to watch more animated movies. Beside being entertaining, it does teach us something, which is what, I guess, media is for. The next cartoon for me to watch is "Atlantis."

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