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Talking About Racial Discrimination Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Kelly Z., Canada Apr 10, 2003
Human Rights   Opinions


When you actually put yourself in someone else's shoes, you know exactly what is it like. I mean absolutely exact.

Racial discrimination is not something funny at all, just because some of us are colored, doesn't mean we should be treated differently. Color is what make this planet Earth; it's what makes a deer different from a caribou; it's what makes me different from you; it's what created all the magnificent cultures and personalities; and it's also what created racial discrimination.

If you are white, you probably never experienced racial discrimination yourself, simply because you are at the "top of the food chain". Although it is illegal to have racial discriminations in many countries, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist among our communities.

The way you looked isn't the most important part; the way you think and the way you act are what decide who are you going to be. Thinking about almost 200 years ago, the color of your skin is what decides your whole life. Black are black, white are white. Blacks are nigger slaves and whites are their masters. Blacks work for the whites and the whites whips the black. Why is it so unfair to the colored people? Just because they are colored?

Now many of us now that racial discriminations shouldn't exist, but it's still fighting it's way to stay. The people support racial discriminations are rare, they are still strong enough to get what they wanted. Slavery and racial discrimination exist everywhere in the world nowadays. Researchers estimated that there are about 27 million people who are enslaved right now in this world. Including labor slaves, child labor/slaves, and sexual slaves. They are suffering; on the other hand, we are doing so little to help them. Why?



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Kelly Z.

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For the record: the Baxter2003 Files
Maqsood Alshams | Apr 22nd, 2003
================================= For the record: the Baxter2003 Files ================================= While 'the troops' were working intensely at Baxter during Easter, obstructed in their efforts to show solidarity with "the unwanted, vilified (with taxpayer funding) and invisible Ruddock problems" by a million-dollar police contingent protecting a 9000 Volts electric fence, as Marilyn Shepherd puts it [.... what would be wrong with that super-secure fence, built to deter protesters, one wonders?] I worked to get the story reported. I have worked a little on our newsletters from around the Easter weekend, and edited them as a presentation of about ten html pages (web pages that work on your computer). The newsletters include more than one hundred mainstream online news articles, messages, media releases and reports about the experience of the Baxter2003 team - and messages by that team. The pages can be downloaded from the Baxter pages on our website, or simply by clicking here: http://www.westnet.com.au/jackhsmit/files/baxter2003.zip If you do not have a copy of the WinZip unzipping program on your computer, visit the WinZip site to download an evaluation copy of this little program: http://www.winzip.com/ regards Jack H. Smit ____________________ Project SafeCom Inc. http://www.safecom.org/refugees.htm Our Baxter page: http://www.safecom.org/baxter.htm Project SafeCom's No War position: http://www.safecom.org/no-war.htm

I hate racism
Jessie Giles | Jun 11th, 2003
This article to me is really good, I believe every thing that is said, except the bit about white people not knowing what racism is. I am a white person who lives in a prodominatly black (indigenous australian) community and I being the manority experience alot of racism. Not just from black people but white people who see me with my Aboriginal boyfriend and friends and go "why the F**k is she with them, she must be dirty, stupid, mad,' or what ever they think. I know racism towards coloured people is higher than racism towards white people but it does go both ways and it is a terrible thing which should not be tolarated. Also people use the attitude that black people are different to white people and this is what I believe half the problem with racism is, shouldn't we just call each other fellow human beings and not distinguish between colour, but individuality.

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