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Homie, Are you for real? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by MISSracquel, Canada Mar 27, 2007
Human Rights   Poetry


This is for the women who have a victim of lame males trying to pick them up.

Homie, are you for real?
Seriously, What's the deal?
Your game is weak.
Guidance, is what you need to seek.

Whispering, hollering, cat calls, oh god.
No wonder every woman you call at
Laughs at you and walk off.

Then you get mad
when we give you no play
You feel its needed to follow me
And curse obscenities on the way.

People like you are really lame.
You need to upgrade your game
Get at me with some proper words
and maybe I wouldn't have to flip the bird.

*Homie is a slang term of saying friend
although this is an somewhat term of endearment. People do use this word when regarding to a non-friend.
It works both ways.

*Flip the bird: This term is used when giving someone the finger.

*Are you for real: A way of saying 'are you serious'



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Writer Profile

16 year old, whose words flow from her mind to her fingers.

Racquel Nixon | Mar 29th, 2007
sorry about the intro line it's supposed to be: This is for the women who have fell victim to lame males trying to pick them up.

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