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Come Together & Try to Make a WORLD Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Shahnawaz, Pakistan Mar 25, 2007
Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


COME together & try to make a WORLD

A world where, Justice, peace & mercy can beat Violence, crime & hate

A world where, humanity, love and relations will be strengthen from selfishness, hunger and poverty

A world where, gender, color, nationality and religion will not be cause to differentiate the humanity

A world where, drugs and books will not be more pricey from food & fuel

A world where, source of better life & happiness will not be only wealth

A world where, nobody can die, disable or banned due to lack of means

A world where, literacy will have power to kill illiteracy & have sense of difference among education & read-writing ability

A world where, no less values & benefits for special people



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Writer Profile

My name is Shahnawaz. I work for a non-profit organization as well; I have a degree in sociology and am currently studying psychology.

Stephen O. Silas | May 31st, 2007
A perfect world of understanding and sincerity, where people know who they are in Christ Jesus, the purpose of their living, their mission to this world and their focus when they die.

Stephen O. Silas | May 31st, 2007
Yes, we can sincerely make a great world only if we can come together as one, under the Umbrella of understanding and sincerity, no more war, no more Quarreling, no more fighting, no more poverty, no more lack, and where we are all equal to one another. i am preying that this world will be a better place, where God will have no choice than to bring His kingdom down to this earth because of it beauty and the beautiful people in it. it is possible.

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