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The Increasing of Beverages pose danger in Nigeria Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Ibukun, Nigeria Mar 24, 2007
Health   Opinions


Rather than reach for water when thirst parches our throat, many people do prefer to go for beverages cocoa beverages excluded), the common brands in Nigeria being the products of the Coca-Cola Company and the Seven UP Company. Recently, we have had a proportional increase in the number of Beverage Company, especially in juice production.

It is not an innovation any more in Nigeria to come across foreign substances in the bottled beverages especially. The NAFDAC of Nigeria rarely raised any eyebrow on this. I knew of a person so close to me that found defecates of cockroaches in a drink he bought at one of the leading fast-food restaurant in Nigeria. Series of examples persists but the one I experienced recently was so alarming. A friend of mine actually bought this drink to suppress his hunger, and you would not believe it, he did not find cockroach neither did he find some minute substances this time, but found the whole of a syringe inside a bottle of orange drink. It sounds hyperbolic but believe me it was reality.

The point to ponder is that, for how long will this continue to go on without proper attention from the right quarters? Should one have some money to put some thing in his mouth and as a result o f that fall ill? For how long shall we be able to take beverages in despair even at special functions? Who knows what remnants are contained in the paper –packed juice we all screech about?

Those ones we have seen because they are solid objects. My concern is about the unknown and unhygienic liquid substances that had probably mixed with the ‘sugared’ water we delight to take. I think more attention and dexterity are needed in the bottling and packaging of these beverages. Save us from the unforeseen and yet impending danger attached to these ‘sweet killers.’

Help us from using our money to by sweet death.



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I love the media asa tool for self-accalimed telescope of reasoning. I'm currently the Editor-in-Chief of Paragon Magazine in Nigeria.
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