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Exclaimation for Youth Participation in Decision-Making Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Nonnoz, Namibia Mar 21, 2007
Human Rights   Poetry


Tears of subjection fill our eyes
As the rain falls down from the skies

Cries from justified positions all over the globe
Weeping for the opportunity to partake and probe

Depressed by oppression!!!
We scream
You call us mean, are you supreme?

We want an input in our own future
But you left us with indecision
Is that your mission?

Jargon fills our policies with ways to advance youth involvement
But in our own communities we are left stagnant

How can we lead tomorrow if we are not leading today?
Where will we get experience without opportunities in our pathway?

You claim incompetence in the decision-making process
But how, without a fair chance to exercise, to assess?

You have experience and we have eagerness
So let's synergize and share power to create our dreams

Our hearts are filled with nostalgia and anticipation for contribution

Rather than marginalizing us, grab us with guidance
to create balance

Splatter us with possibility
Sprinkle us with opportunity
Overwhelm us with panorama
to end this trauma

Allow us to create our own motions
With your guidance and our actions
with your knowledge and our judgment
In an attempt to live together
to craft contentment in an ill-contented planet
and create inner peace that shines as outer peace.



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Writer Profile

Through writing I express my dreams, desires and dysfunctions. Just about everything that has meaning to me.
My writing was never without a purpose, just as my life and my contribution to life. I strongly believe I become a better person through the collective contribution of every person in this world.
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