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Experience. Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by friday solomon, Netherlands Mar 16, 2007
Human Rights   Opinions


My experiences in life has thought me to be calm in the midst of crisis, to be patient when all odds are against me and and to appreciate my creator for the gift of life, the beauty of life and to give thanks

Experience has thought me to show and demonstrate love even when hated also to never to seek revenge.

My travels around the world has brought me face to face with people of all kinds and race. I have learnt to respect their customs, traditions, religious beliefs and above all to respect their opinion. I have also learnt to treat other people as I wish them to treat me.

I have learnt to be true to myself and to be selfless, to be open minded and not to turn my back on those who need my help. Life has thought me to be ready to learn at all times, for much learning does not hurt.

Experience has shown that Nigeria ranks among one of the poorest nations on earth but human material and natural resources abounds in the country only that the present and the past government fail to harness them. Delta and rivers state in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria has the same budget as Dubai, what this means is the budget of two states in Nigeria is equal if not more than the budget of half of all the African countries .

Political leaders, economist and financial analysts have all hailed the introduction of the new coins and naira notes but the questions the masses are asking is?Do they really need new notes now at this time on the eve of the election.
The money spent on logistics, research, printing and minting of these notes and coins will go a long way in alleviating the sufferings of the people.

Is the government out to score a political point?
Why impose new notes without due and proper consultations with the masses

Most Nigerian leaders have the tendency of imposing things on the people, and this is not only peculiar to the government alone but also to some very rich son of the soil. This is often done to protect their interest and to conceal their crimes

What my experiences has taught me mostly is that nemesis awaits all those destroying our nations polity, this is what our forefathers upheld, lived and died for.



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Writer Profile
friday solomon

I love writing because it gives me joy to be able to release my stress,my frustration and anger on governments the world over on the ills,the inequalities and indifferent attitudes taking place in their communities.I am happy that TIG offers such a portal to pick up my idle pen and paper and pass issues across for other people to read.This enables me to also to read issues affecting other people across the world,together we can press on with the struggle and impart our various communities.Inspired greatly by my Lord and Saviour Jesus, Amen.
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