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Tiburon Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by fatima, Pakistan Mar 14, 2007
Human Rights , Education   Poetry


Dazzling, grayish black sky throwing reflection on the sea.
The call of the sea is so loud and tempting.
Hard rocks on the edges of the walk path.
Nebulous view of the golden gate bridge, on one side
Fleet of white ships sitting there
Waiting for people ,on the other side
The alluring wooden houses with green plants
Hanging, prominence was unavoidable
Halcyon walks and endless talks of lovers.
Beauty of Tiburon was abstruse
Leaving the mind puzzled
Unlimited blessings of the eternal God
His omnipresence could be felt
Feeling of pulchritude to the soul
The ardent emotions fills the heart with joy
As the evening fades into night
Standing aloof on the tiny ravishing bridge
Redolent flowers delights the mood
Mellifluous sounds goes with the flow
The intensity of the love remains unclear
Sanguine feeling with unending desires to follow with
But the words immaculate of this poem still remains inevitable.



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Writer Profile

I am a young poetry writer and i started writing from a very early age. I am professionally into telecommunication. I love travelling to beautiful places and writing about them.

hi fatima
mnaveed | Feb 11th, 2008
how r u i m naveed

Greetings Fatoom
Shirouq Elsheikh | Nov 19th, 2008
Beautifully well written! Keep up the good work! Blessings and peace!

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