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Quality Education in IT Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Cecilia, Philippines Mar 13, 2007
Education , Technology   Opinions


Quality Education in IT A shortage of technology in our country, particularly in our education sector, has been an issue. But I believe this shortage is not a hindrance to deliver quality education to our students.

I teach in the densest school of our city with around 9000 enrolled students and with only one computer laboratory with less than 20 functional desktop coputers. This did not stop me from preparing my students with global education in mind. I tapped the community, particulary the internet cafe owners, where their shops are adjacent to our school and requested them to convert their business centers into a Computer Learning Center during requested times, and they did. The owners gave my students discounts and priority in giving access to computers and the internet. Through innovative use of technology, my English class students were able to create learning bridges with their peers from local and international communities in Europe. This led to on-line activity where my ESL students were able to have their Final Oral Examination through virtual on line interviews with friends from Nepal, Canada, Malaysia and Taipei. Some of these friends were introduced through my invitation posted on TIG. TIG is an example of good avenue for safe on-line educational activities.

The partnership we made with local and international communities postively impacted the education sector and education stakeholders in our district and later in my whole country. It encouraged the conducting of advocacy and training on digital literacy and integration of technology in teaching to school administrators, teachers, parents and partner stakeholders.

I encourage my fellow educators to build partnerships around local and international communities to achieve the objective of a world class education. The world is only one touch point of our keyboard and students need to see the real picture of the world. Let's give them hight quality education by involving them to an authentic lifelong learning experiences that willl lead them in understanding our diverse world.

As Dudley Lynch has been quoted, "We don't see the world as it is, but we see it with the way we think." How would you like our children see the world?



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assignment by paul chapters 1-9
paul arjay k. tatad | Jun 28th, 2007
Chapters 1-9 a. How did the people’s reaction toward the boa constrictor drawing affect the pilot’s life? It discourage him, it let him think negative and it make him down. What does it tell you about how adults should treat children? It tells me that adults should consider the children’s drawings and they should also not think like adults, they should think like a child when they are asked by them. b. How did the pilot finally draw the exact sheep wanted by the little prince? The pilot had drawn a little box with three holes in it. What does this tell you? It tells me that the pilot is already irritated and he only drawn a box with holes. c. Why nobody believed the Turkish astronomer when he talked about asteroid B6-12 for the first time? Nobody believed on the astronomer because the Turkish’s dressed a Turkish dress. What does this tell you about the grown-ups? This tells me that grown-ups will not accept some works when you are not dressed the right way, they like to accept reports with you elegance. d. When do adults describe that a house is beautiful? They say that a house is beautiful when you will mention the prize or how much you have been used for the house. What does this tell you? It tells me that adults only agrees what you say if you will say something that they can predict what is it, they don’t want specific identification. e. What are baobabs? Baobabs are something you will never, never be able to get rid of if you attend to it too late. What aspect of life do they reflect? They reflect about the bad habits that you have been done almost every time. You already cannot get bad habits in you if you are already an adult or old enough. f. How did the little prince react when the pilot replied, “matters of great consequence”? The little prince is angry. Why did the little prince react that way? Because the pilot acted like an adult. g. What is meant by “it is such a secret place, the land of tears.”? It is the asteroid b6-12 that is meant in the sentence. h. What aspect of life is reflected by the volcanoes? Infancy, Childhood, Adulthood. i. Who uttered the line “I must endure the presence of two or three caterpillars if I wish to become acquainted with the butterflies”? The rose. What significant message is implied? The significant message is convincing little prince to stay. j. “she coughed two or three times I order to put the little prince in wrong.” What is the context behind this line? The context behind this line is to remain little prince there in the asteroid. What characteristics are shown in the statement? The characteristics that the rose have shown is, selfishness. How is this seen in the real life? The rose is selfish for herself because she is very lazy, and she thinks she is the most beautiful in the whole universe. k. How will you describe the relationship of the little prince and the rose? The rose and the little prince relation are just like friends. Little prince pet is the rose , and little prince gives everything she want but the rose is just too selfish.

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