by Adeshola Komolafe
Published on: Mar 7, 2007
Type: Poetry

Youths are the leaders of tomorrow
They are the light of the world
They are the hope of our future

This faith we hold is true
A dream the entire world share
Our hope of excellence
On our future is stayed

Our world is complete
Except for certain fears
The fear for our youths
The fear of AIDS

Oh youth be wise
Youths be careful
youths be faithful
Youths be not fooled

Our world is in your hands
You can make or mar it
In one act of wisdom or negligence
Resolve to be wise

Don't barter our future
Don't barter our hope
Don't barter our destiny
In one act of hope free sex/Unprotected sex

Be warned
Be armed
AIDS is real
AIDS kills

Dozen is gone
Dozen pends
A dozen trail
Be wise

Save our future
Save your future

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