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Major Youth Problems and areas of concern (in the context of India). Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by A.R.Patil, India Mar 28, 2003
Child & Youth Rights   Opinions


Major youth Problems and areas of concern (in the context of India).

Today the youth of the country are lacking there soul strength, due to there social backwardness, educational backwardness, & economical backwardness.
They are depressed from thousand years, after the independence most of the community’s were given opportunity in getting education, & getting a job in government service.
Today the situation is completely different from past 50 years, because most of the backward class people were appointed as teacher’s of the primary school after 1990.
Before 1990 (in Karnataka state) most of the people use to say that Brahmins and Kshatriyas were control the education institution, after 1990 most of the backward class born teachers children’s are studying in private school’s and competing to government job’s .
Let us think why those government school teachers don’t put there children in there same school were they teach to rural children.
Most of the rural children are effected to Dyslexia (difficulties in Reading, Spelling, Writing, Handwriting, Number, problem in Organization, Concentration, Language, Memory) because of there lack of teaching skill’s they think that if they take there children in same school the child may effect from getting good education, so the teachers don’t worry about the future effect to rural child in his life.
Let us think what will be the life of rural child.
Some children will out of school within the age of 13, some after 16 ages.
Some will complete there education but no full knowledge, these youth are today facing a critical situation in there life.
By taking this situation most of the money minded people and criminal minded & Religion minded people are taking opportunity to hypnotizing the youth in the name of improving the way of living standard, earning more property, Religion, Politics.
By all this criminal activity in our mind for the sake of comparison of living standard,
The world may explode at any time with Nuclear because of our narrow desire.
Our first duty is that we should not be a burden on society; we should be self-dependent. From this point of view self-sufficiency itself is a kind of service. We shall use our spare time for the service of others. If all become self-sufficient none will be in trouble.
Even if we succeed in realizing self-sufficiency completely, man being a social being, we will have to accept service in some form or other.
That is, man is as much self-dependent as inter-dependent. When dependence becomes necessary in order to keep society in good order it is no longer dependence, but becomes co-operation. There is sweetness in co-operation; there is no one weak or strong among those who co-operate.
Let every man and woman and child, without respect of cast or birth, weakness or strength, hear and learn that behind the strong and the weak, behind the high and low, behind everyone, there is that Infinite Soul, assuring all the infinite possibility and the infinite capacity to become great and good. Let us proclaim to every soul: Arise, arise, awake! Awake from this hypnotism of weakness. None is really weak; the soul is infinite, omnipotent, and omniscient. Stand up, assert yourself, proclaim the God within you, do not deny Him!




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