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Africa, My Beloved Land Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by WE-ARE-ONLY-PEOPLE!!!!, Iraq Mar 1, 2007
Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


Don't look at me and pity us Africans

Tell me when you look at me, what do you see?
Hunger, pain, need...Yes, all those feelings and more.

It's true what you see; but what you don't see is that you have given us no chance to stand on our own feet so that we can help ourselves.
And we would be in no need for your pity
or our pictures hung like white flags of surrender when we haven't even lost yet.

We thank you that you have finally recognized that we have fallen beneath the sand but what you haven't noticed is our will to stand up again even if it takes time.

LISTEN TO ME! We were once great leaders and great tribes
and warriors like no other.
Fearless beyond dreams.

Now, because of time and the world changing we lost it all
but hope,
which stands like a candle burning through the dark nights.
For we know that Africa once again will take its rightful place as the mother of all lands.

So pity me now but tomorrow you will see our greatness.
Once we shine again and take the hunger away from our people and the need from their souls.



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it feels good to know!
Osamuyi Okpame | Jun 9th, 2007
it gives me great joy to know that some africans stil have strong hope and confidence in themselves and their continent despite the huge problems we have back home in africa!

great writing
nadege | Nov 18th, 2008
when i read this poem ,it makes me feel less worried about the conflicts in Africa , it gives me hope . you are an amazing writer.

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