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All peoples deserve to live peacefully in God's light... Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Dennis Dames, Bahamas Mar 27, 2003
Peace & Conflict   Opinions


It's another day, and the sunrise is majestically beautiful over the Bahamian skies. Dark clouds of smoke rise eerily over the city of Baghdad Iraq eight thousand miles away. The war coverage is virtually live, and Allies' bombs drop quietly from the heavens on their selected targets. Anti-aircraft fire is late as usual.

The intrigue of the crisis is creating mountains of questions, and a resolution is said to be some distance away. Propaganda from both sides influences their respective constituencies- thereby creating an atmosphere of subtle confusion.

The battle of words and pictures appears to be the most potent weapon in the fight for public opinion. Images on the numerous television networks throughout the world are mixed with all brands of slant. It looks like this war is being waged on many electronic fronts around the globe. The news companies of the universe no doubt are shaping public perception.

The liberation of Iraq is the American's and the "coalition of the willing" reason for being there. The Iraqis say that it's a war for their oil. Who is right? The answer to that depends on who is being asked the question.

Before it is all over, more casualties are expected. It is a price that all concerned are prepared to pay. It's the reality that is on the minds of the love ones of soldiers fighting.

Many fathers will not go home to their families again; many mothers will not survive to nurture their young children, and siblings will be separated forever by the wrath of combat.

The politicians and policy makers are aware of the huge stakes. They will ultimately be accountable for their decisions. The winners shall surely take it all, and unlike the war of 1991- regime change is on the menu. Saddam Hussein looks prepared to fight to the last soldier, and killing Americans and Brits appears certain to motivate his fighters. He also is trying his best to expand the war beyond his country's borders by instigation and the campaign of "them against us" in the Arab and Muslim world.

The sooner this madness ends, the better it will be. A prolonged fight in Iraq has the potential of spilling over to neighboring nations, thus complicating the initial mission of the liberating coalition.

Let the beautiful sunrise fill the universe with the peace of its being. It is for all men to appreciate and enjoy. With the smoke of war, it is robbed of the majesty that it brings. All peoples deserve to live peacefully in God's light. Every terrible conflict erodes the essence of true living and brotherhood. When we learn to live without fighting, we would have conquered the darkness that hides the light we truly deserve in our hearts.

Dennis A. Dames



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