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Atypical Pneumonia Running Amok Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Wilson, Canada Mar 24, 2003
Health   Opinions


Atypical Pneumonia is running amok in many countries, mostly in the Asian countries, these countries include Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Singapore and Taiwan. It is also spreading in Canada.

I have some relatives living in Hong Kong, although the Hong Kong government has done several things to stop Atypical Pneumonia from spreading, all of the attempts have no significant success. My relatives have not gotten Atypical Pneumonia, but they are very worried.

As you know, Atypical Pneumonia is highly contagious. Atypical Pneumonia can kill its victim. Up to today, 242 people in Hong Kong have Atypical Pneumonia, and 8 people have died because of it.

Out of the 242 people in HK who have Atypical Pneumonia, 182 are students. The Hong Kong Education Department has already stopped the schools where Atypical Pneumonia have been found from running for 7 days, though I doubt that it will work in stopping the Atypical Pneumonia from spreading in schools.

I would suggest to the Education Department in Hong Kong that they stop all schools from running until this Atypical Pneumonia problem ends. It is true that education is very important, but compared to the safety of students, education is really nothing at all. The students could just go back to school another time when it is safe to learn the things that they missed.

This Atypical Pneumonia problem is just getting worse by the moment. So if you really care about this world, don't just worry about the people in the war of Iraq, don't forget to help and think about the other people in the world that are suffering from Atypical Pneumonia.



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Wilson | Sep 17th, 2003
Atypical Pneumonia is actually SARS

my fault
Wilson | Sep 17th, 2003
my fault that i said atypical pneumonia instead of SARS, sorry......

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