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Causes and Solutions to Youth Violence in Nigeria Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Butterfly, Nigeria Mar 10, 2003
Culture , Child & Youth Rights , Youth Violence   Opinions



The youths are the major part of the Nigerian population as shown by statistics and data on record, which conforms to the globally accepted view that the youths of today are the nation of tomorrow.
Political, religious, ethnic, academic, or economic controversies usually lead to violence by youths in the society; example is the Warri /Ijaw crisis that happened recently in the southern part of the country.
The above stated factors have always been the major sources of youth violence in the Nigerian society ever since the history of violence in Nigeria. This is a reflection of what will become of Nigeria tomorrow if something is not done now.
Despite the fact that the Nigerian government has a major role to play, it is not an issue of the government alone but a responsibility of each and every average Nigerian to make the society a violent free society so that Nigerians may inherit a better legacy for their future.
Youth welfare/development is one of the major important issues that should concern any nation for a better tomorrow. When I say “youth empowerment” I mean total empowerment of youths for a better tomorrow from an average skilled/unskilled youth walking on the street, youths in various institutions of learning to the youths in the “world of work” because each and every youth has an inbuilt potential that is definitely unique. These skills are supposed to be useful in one way or the other for the growth of the nation as a whole through each and every individual’s optimistic effort backed up by the collective effort and support of the “society”, when I say “society”, I mean government, non-government, private, and corporate voluntary support which will enhance the youth for a better tomorrow.
The university system which is supposed to be a place of peace and production for turning out peaceful and useful youths for the society now yields a contrary result because the aggregate quality of the university system in a nation directly determines the quality of youth capital development as well as the overall national economic health and growth of the society.
There is quite a large amount of skilled Nigerian youths who are graduates in the society and are supposed to be part of the working force for the growth of the Nigerian economy but they have been subjected to an idle state of “unemployment”. Unemployment is one of the dark clouds threatening the future of the nation and thereby leading many youths to deviate in the mission of joining hands for peace; instead it yields the contrary.

In order to eradicate youth violence in the society, the society needs to invest more in the areas that will benefit and develop Nigerian youths which will automatically give strength to the nation’s political, economic, social, geographic as well as cultural/ethnic issues.
Below are highlighted suggested solutions for youth violence in the society:

-Good home training by parents or guardians
-Smooth and better access to quality education for all
-Good example by the nation’s leaders
-Finding a solution to the nations economic problems
-Social welfare package for youths
-Programs of self-employment to educate and encourage youths to start their own business through workshops, research groups, and discussion groups, to reduce the level of unemployment
-Availability of cheap loans and grants for those who wish to become self-employed, i.e. start their own business



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good job
John | Mar 29th, 2003
good job

How ?
Iris | Oct 9th, 2003
I agree with you but do you really think Nigeria has enough money to finance all this ? Iris

oghale | Aug 2nd, 2004
that is very correct of you.good statistics

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