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By Your Mistakes Enrich Your Self. Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by the master mind, India Feb 14, 2007
Culture , Human Rights   Opinions


By Your Mistakes Enrich Your Self.

Mistakes cannot be avoided but we can learn how to be come rich by them. Unless we teach ourselves to fail wisely, we cannot succeed in life gracefully.

Our gratitude should free us: not bind us. Four people were carrying a boat on the heard . Some one asked why they were carrying it. They said” we are grateful to the boat that helped us cross the river. Our gratitude does not allow us to abandon the boat.

Religion should set us free and not bind us. Many people use religion to hold people in bondage and so kill the spirit of religion. A man fell into well.

He did not drown , as the well was not full. He cried for the help. A Buddhist monk passing by said to him : “ Buddha last sermon was , We should be light unto our self : Since you are not , You have fallen . If you I save you , the darkness in you will make you fall into well; So create light within and that light will help in and that light well help you come out”. He went away without helping.

A little later, A Hindu renounced passing by said to him: “ it is because your past deeds that you have fallen . Even if I help you now, your past deeds make you fall again. Perform a noble act and earn divine approval. Good deeds will help you come out”. He, Too walked away.

A disciple of Confucius saw the man in distress . He assured him, “ I will definitely help, But first I will go and tell the villages authorities how important the teaches that society is more important than individuals.

Meanwhile, you keep screaming: it will warn others of the danger falling into wells. Then the villages authorities will ensure that every well is covered properly”. He too went away.

The person who happens to come next immediately helped the man out of the well. Then he made request, “ any time you fall into well , Please call only me and no one else. Not only should you fall ask others to fall I will definitely come and help ; thus doing good service to you all , I can go to heaven.”.

Can we serve without being selfish? Prayer without service is not a prayer, Service without prayer is not a service. True prayer and sincere service are the two wings of spirituality.

In the southern part of India, People planet coconut trees. There is saying “ wear the plant for five years, reap the coconuts for life”. Do good deeds, Have trust and patience the higher center will open up in you and you will witness a miracle of life. If a cusp is placed upside down, even if it rains the cup will not fill up. But the cup is placed properly, it can fill up. You can really serve other only when you have compassion in your hearts. A heart without compassion cannot serve.
There was an enlightened monk, and he was an embodiment of goodness. His disciples could not under stand one ting about him. He used to rob, get intentionally caught, and go to jail. On being released, he would do the same.

When asked why he did that, he would say, “ I have other way to enter jail, and the prisoners need my teaching “. Compassion has its logic.

Let compassion, service, goodness is your living gods. Gods does not exist in mosques, temples, and churches…. God is in love, goodness and services. In the name of service, do not forgot your. In serving your, do not forgot others.

- mazhar pasha



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