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True Blackmail Story Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by roshni, India Feb 12, 2007
Human Rights   Short Stories


Brok raised his voice to a crescendo waving the paper in his left hand and pointing his left hand towards Mr. Singh Who was the complainant and had come to the court of Mr. Goel to depose his evidence .He said “ this man a few moment back outside gate no 3”” “he has molested this woman and tried to pull her into his car to outrage his modesty” The magistrate understood what it was all about. His lips parted into a smile. He took the copy of the complaint. Mr Singh received a bolt from the blue .He knew nothing of what had happened.
What had happened and eye witness account:
Brok commanded the woman Mai in his chamber to go to the woman lavatory and tear her shalwar from the front to remove the headband and get her hair bedraggled. He commanded brazenly and openly, his chamber being filled with juniors and clients and visitors. He commanded the woman to tear her blouse a little more and unsettle her hair more. He dictated the complaint to one of his juniors and asked him to get the complaint entered in Daily Diary at police station Tilakmarg.
At the same time he stationed two ruffians at the spot near gate no three to tell the policemen who would be visiting that they saw it.
Yes a case was registered against the gentleman for molestation and attempted rape. Mr. Singh was at hat time 65 years old, a proprietor of a departmental store at Okhla Industrial Area New Delhi. He was respectable gentleman with spiritual inclinations. Brok extorted hell lot of money.
Was it a poetic justice? A dispute arose between Brok and the woman with regard to the booty amount. The women lodged a complaint in the same police station against Brok for molestation and rape and blackmail the episode took a dramatic turn thereafter.



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