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by the master mind, India Feb 9, 2007
Human Rights   Opinions
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Today, Islam is the greatest force in the world. The other religious forces cannot do it any harm, what it achieved in last 14 Hundred years others couldn’t. It is like a mighty oak, which the storms of the world cannot uproot. Yet there was a time when this mighty oak was a tiny sapling, and desperately needed someone to protect it from the hurricanes of idolatry and polytheism, which threatened to uproot it.

“Muslim women have made a mistake in thinking that it is not their territory to be educated in Islamic law. Told they cannot be judges, which is not true, or Imams or preachers, educated women turned their energies to medicine, research, etc, never to expertise in Islam. We left it to men and then we mourn and say, ‘Oh, this is injustice, such injustice imposed on us.’ If something that has been given to us by God is taken away in the name of Islam, I will fight it. How else can we safeguard our part of the world, and ensure that no one abuses it? Women have been completely ignored for a very, very long time in our part of the world. And the most unfortunate enemy that women, and men, have in the Islamic world is ignorance: ignorant people facing selfish forces intent on using the religion for political reasons, reasons of power” But How far today women is ready for her individuality & responsibility?.

Under the laws of Islamic fundamentalists keeps so many women from lifting their veil of silence and being able to have the courage to stand up on their own. As Malcolm X said, "The fate of a nation depends on how it treats it women." This is in the spirit of the Prophet's answer to the Sahabi asking who was most deserving of good treatment and honor: 1) Your mother; 2) your mother; 3) your mother; 4) your father. The Prophet loved women. How horrified he would be to see the wretched ways that so many of his ummah have been mistreating them., But how far Today’s women are loyal in their respective responsibilities and positions. Is the women has lost her position or the others has let her down. Can we have upright thinking from now onwards, as said…

"Too many women In too many countries Speak the same language,
Of silence... We seek only to give words to those who cannot speak (too many women
in too many countries) I seek only to forget the silence of the grandmother’s Silence."

-By Hillary Rodham Clinton

Here I bring a Women who has foresighted the future, KhadiJa(RAA).

“”” Muslims may forget it but Islam cannot forget that in its infancy, it was Khadija who protected it. They made Islam invulnerable. Abu Talib protected the sapling of Islam from the tempests of disbelieve and heathenish; and Khadija irrigated it with her wealth. She did not let the sapling of Islam die from draught. In fact, she didn't even let it wilt from neglect. Protecting Islam was, for Abu Talib and Khadija, their foremost duty. Islam was their first love, and it was a love which they passed on, as their "legacy" to their children. If they - Abu Talib and Khadija - had protected the tree of Islam from its enemies in the lifetime of Muhammad Mustafa(SAWS) and had "irrigated" it with vast quantities of gold and silver, their children and their grandchildren protected it, from its enemies after his death, and irrigated it with their blood. Their blood was the most sacrosanct blood in all creation. After all, it was the blood of Muhammad Mustafa (SAWS) himself - the Last and the Greatest of all Messengers of Allah, and the Chief of all Apostles and Prophets.
Khadija was an "eye-witness" of the birth of Islam. She nursed it through its infancy, through its most difficult, and through its most formative years. Islam was given shape and design in her home. If any home can be called the cradle of Islam, it was her home. She "reared" Islam. If any home can be called the "axis" of Islam, it was her home; Islam revolved around her home. Her home was the "home" of Quran Majid -the Book of Allah, and the religious and political code of Islam.
It was in her home that Gabriel was bringing Revelations from Heaven for ten years.
Khadija has collected more "firsts" in the history of nascent Islam than anyone else. She was the first wife of the last messenger of Allah. She was the first Believer. She was the very first mortal to declare that the Creator was only One, and that Muhammad Mustafa(SAWS) was His messenger. Next to her husband, she was the very first individual who heard the Voice of Revelation. She was the first person who offered prayers to Allah with her husband. Whenever he went into the presence of Allah, she was his constant companion. She was the first Mother of Believers. She was the only wife of Muhammad Mustafa(SAWS) who did not have to co-exist with a co-wife. All the love, all the affection and all the friendship of her husband, were hers and hers alone -exclusively!
When Muhammad Mustafa(SAWS) proclaimed his mission as the messenger of Allah, and told the Arabs not to worship idols, and called upon them to rally under the banner of Tauheed, a tidal wave of sorrows broke upon him. The polytheists began to thirst for his blood. They invented new and ingenious ways of tormenting him, and they made many attempts to stifle his voice forever. In those times of stress and distress, Khadija was a bastion of strength for him. It was only because of her and Abu Talib that the polytheists could not disrupt his work of preaching and propagating Islam. She made, in this manner, a most important contribution to the survival and propagation of Islam.

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