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What you don't know CAN kill you Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by MISSracquel, Canada Feb 8, 2007
Health , Education   Opinions


This article was formed based on what I saw on this documentary made in the U.S.

Although this found in the United States, for all I know this can happen ANYWHERE in the world, and it most likely is. I'm trying to convey that communication is totally crucial in a relationship, and although I have no numeric research to back up my statements. I don't have to have it just so you can believe me.

This article is particularly for the women in a hetero relationship, however I STRONGLY advise the males to read this too.

Read it and get yourself educated.

I was watching this documentary called 'The Down-Low Exposed'. For those who don't know what the "Down-Low" is, it's term used for heterosexual men who have sex with other men behind their wife, girlfriend, fiance's backs. This is a very serious topic because, we all know when AIDS was first introduced, many people labeled it as the "Gay Disease". So when men have sex with other men, and then go back to their female partners, most likely the female didn't COMMUNICATE with her male partner and ask him about his sexual whereabouts. And since the male is too nervous to confess his other sexuality, he makes love to her as if nothing wrong, and if there is no protection involved. Bam! She has HIV/AIDS.

I am totally against this Down Low scene, if men want to have relations with other men, then do you. But don't let the woman have to take the downfall. It's like double dipping, its nasty, it's wrong and it will eventually make someone sick. If a male does this, he should muster the courage to get himself tested, tell his partners and use protection. Another chilling comment was made and it really made me drop my jaw, the comment was...

"Most or all brothas, have been on the down low"

that is honestly scary. But women, you have to trust your instincts. Ask questions, communicate with him. Get your self tested often. Most women don't do such because they fear their man will leave them, but if that's the only risk, then DO IT! COMMUNICATE WITH HIM AND EDUCATE HIM!

You will save your own life.

And as for the men who engage in this activity, do your thing, I'm not here to judge, but don't be stupid and not tell your girlfriend, wife, etc. She is the woman that devoted herself to you. COMMUNCATION IS KEY!

And as for those who maintain their heterosexuality and are sexually active, use protection.



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16 year old, whose words flow from her mind to her fingers.

Racquel Nixon | Feb 15th, 2007

good job
lynn libbrecht | Feb 10th, 2018
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