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The Third World and Development in Cameroon Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Akwalla Johanness, Canada Feb 6, 2007
Health , Education   Opinions


country but living and working in the more industrialized nations. Typical among such professionals are doctors, engineers, and economists,
so of whom where sponsored abroad but decided to settle there after their studies for higher salaries. The government of Cameroon and other developing countries should encourage its geniuses to come back
and work in their countries of origin after their studies by providing them with all the guarantees and facilities that would enable them fully express their potential and develop their country.

5) Adequate and Appropriate Government Action: Every nation and every people in the world are capable of developing a strong economy if the right policies and programs are implemented. To have a good economic ministry and a competent team of economic advisers capable of implementing good policies, is certainly the only way towards development. This does not apply only for Cameroon but for all the LDCs of the world. Many economic undertakings in Cameroon have
failed because they were either poorly conceived, or badly managed by not only incompetent and selfish officials but by those who have no respect for human dignity and respect to the need of those who voted
them to power.

This abuse (embezzlement) of public wealth under heavy concealment has allow the social services to decay, favouritism of one ethnic group against the other (Francophone against the Anglophones). Because of these practices, the government has succeeded in creating a confused citizenry (youths in particular) unable to understand their country with all its resources has gotten so impoverished. The present economic crises that the country is experiencing is as a result of mass embezzlement of public funds and little or no accountability on the part of many public officials not to mention tax evasion by many industries and corporation in the country.

With the political will and a good economic policy, Cameroonian engineers will find themselves exercising their skills in the field rather than sitting in their offices idle and doing nothing while expatriates
technicians are imported and paid heavily for minor jobs which could be performed by Cameroonians. A typical example is the sport complex the Chinese are building in Yaoude. Almost all of the engineers are
from China giving the impression that Cameroonian engineers are not up to the task.

The government should also encourage a general attitude in the population about amount and quality of work, level of saving (though most civil servants earn less than 400$ month), consumption and sustainability of our natural resources and the environment;
especially our forests.

With government action in this line, development will be visible and the economy will grow to the advantage of all Cameroonian and the youths in particular as there will be job opportunities. This will help reduce
the unemployment rate, which stands at the moment over 70%.

Cameroon has a bright prospect because of the availability of raw materials like trees (for the paper industries and construction), agriculture (palm oil, rubber, banana, cocoa, coffee and abundant food
supply for energy) and natural resources like oil and gas. But the Cameroon economy is handicapped by limited political will and adequate means of commercialization, employment of imported qualified labour and managerial personnel and above all embezzlement and corruption, which has ranked the country among the first ten corrupt nations of the
world after wearing the yellow jersey for two to three straight years.

6)Politics: In almost every country in the world, governments have an unquestionable responsibility for stimulating progress in most spheres of economic, social and political development. The government has a number of functions which include building of public services, influencing attitudes, shaping the economic institutions which influence resource utilisation, ensuring full employment and influencing the level and
areas of investment.

Very important in Cameroon and most developing countries, and Africa in particular, is the way political changes occur which in turn has a profound effect upon the direction and scope of economic development and future prosperity. Whatever the amount of natural resources and whatever theories economists develop, sociologists and geographers at a particular time; in the final analysis, it is governmental action that will determine the direction and scope of economic policy. The building of roads, railways, the motivation of national cooperation and the maintenance of a calm political atmosphere depends essentially on the governmental ability to act justly and wisely without bias and favouritism.

7) Environmental Conservation and pollution: The earth is finite with mostly non-renewable resources. As the population of the world continues to increase, there will be ever greater demands by man on his
environment, which is also his home. The uncontrolled exploitation of the natural environment and its resources for energy has created more problems which have seriously affected and at the same time


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Writer Profile
Akwalla Johanness

I am a young development activist who believes that for youths to be successful, we need to come together and share ideas that are beneficial to the whole of humanity.
I strongly believe that for Africa to come out of the political hostage its finds itself, our leaders must stop to consider themselves as traditional rulers. We all know that traditional rulers rule for life, and power is passed on to their descendant. And I think that once our leaders stop to think of themselves as such and concentrate on development by investing into the education and basic health care and social services, then can we say we are on the right path to human development.
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