by friday solomon
Published on: Feb 2, 2007
Type: Poetry

Am i great, am i elusive?
No boundary limits me, am
with the greats as well as the
niet zo great. am wrongly
pronounced sometimes as AIDS,

I confound the wise, be very cautious
with the issue of and transfer of the;
red fluid, the scent is not poignant.
I lurk in most bodily crevices, and
take my suspecting victims with me

His hands were not cuffed, his legs
not chained, his mouth was not bound
nor did he lack, yet he was under my claws
i am known by all but love by none
i am the greatest, the elusive

he was prepared, a warrior he is
dorned in proctetive armor, a
soldier, so mighty in battle but
not man enough to escape my powerful jaw

call up the 'DIBIA' living , dead
call up the scientist, necromancers, Their
immune system will i render of no effect.
leave what pains you most and do what
is paining you.

am the great ,the elusive,
the die is not yet cast, a lost battle you think
leave the sciences alone and leave
what gives me strength ,invite me not
lest i devour you.

I am strong like a lion,
big like an iroko tree
Do not boast, for even the swift was not fast enough
one thing kills me yet remains elusive
so dig deep, and deeper still, you might
never know elusive i might be

A Tree some Nigerians believes house the witches. Also believes to have some potency to cure some ailment
DIBIA:A native doctor or medicine man among the Ibo's in the eastern part of Nigeria.
NIET ZO GREAT:Dutch word for not so great.

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