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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
I have a Dream Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by friday solomon, Netherlands Feb 2, 2007
Environment , Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


I have a dream;
a land, without prejudice
of peace and tranquility.

I have a dream;
women, treated as
equally as men,

I have a dream;
see love prevails
hatred no more

I have a dream;
a land, no flood,
drought-less, flueless, nuclear free.

I have a dream;
of dancing to the music,
music of dreams, the
steps, joy it brings

I have a dream;
usurper of justices no more,
¨Terrorism¨Des lands, die hards,
I could not find.

This is my dream,
Arab, Jew side by side
Christians, Muslims other religions
ploughing, tilling, bright future i see.



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Writer Profile
friday solomon

I love writing because it gives me joy to be able to release my stress,my frustration and anger on governments the world over on the ills,the inequalities and indifferent attitudes taking place in their communities.I am happy that TIG offers such a portal to pick up my idle pen and paper and pass issues across for other people to read.This enables me to also to read issues affecting other people across the world,together we can press on with the struggle and impart our various communities.Inspired greatly by my Lord and Saviour Jesus, Amen.

a s | Feb 14th, 2007
Hey..we dream the same dream:)

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