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Deepankha Yatra Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Amit, Nepal Jan 25, 2007
Culture   Short Stories


Deepankha Yatra Earlier today, I was looking through some of the cutlural news of my country that drove me to the past lane.

It was on Oct 17, 2005. I, along with my mother, aunt and two cousins participated in thirty hours non-stop religious procession called 'Deepankha Yatra' which took place after 38 years.

The article reads:
‘Dipankha Yaa’, a religious precession of ‘Neel Thu’ (Blue Horned Oxen) conducted after 38 years on Monday, 17th October, 2005.
More than One hundred thirty five thousand devotees paid homage to their deities on the 24 hours long procession. The participants visited 141 temples and monasteries of religious significance on the 60 KM long walk around the Kathmandu Valley.
’Dipankha Yatra’ is a symbol of religious harmony in Nepal dating back to age of Legends of ‘Dipankar’, though its history can be found on records as old as 1902 B.S (1865 A.D) in the holy scripts of Golden Temple, one of the major tourist attractions in Lalitpur.
The Dipankha is organized when five auspicious astronomical and astrological features coincide together on one day.
The five features are -

1. Full moon day of Ashwin.

2. Rewati para Ashwini Nakshatra.

3. Harshan Yoga.

4. Sankranti (the first day of solar month).

5. Sunday.


For me, it turned out be a 30 hours non-stop adventurous walk on mixed routes and trails of Kathmandu valley. I couldn't believe I made it.

You have more potential than you can imagine. All you need is the motivation.



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