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Over Time...Hope Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Dumletam, United States Jan 23, 2007
Health   Poetry


Tonight I sleep over time.
Life, like a proverbial two-faced
dare-deviled forest warrior,
stampedes humanity into
a deficit cultivated in death;
Did I say I sleep over time?
Did you say you said so?
I as you wonder what life itself
will say when, tonight, the
moon of our lives refresh our
lonely courses with silver-touch;
Away with time, come what may,
I look towards the rising sun.
Tomorrow, yes, the sun will shine,
shine I say, on the turfs of our lives
to dry the dirt off our waning lines;
Tonight I sleep over time,
I dream, yes, I say, dream,
of the pales fingers of hope
waking in the morn of bloom;
Should I sleep and wake otherwise,
Should you dream of times spent,
should we idle away the eggs
of time, season and plenty,
should you beguile your fancies,
and stop to hope, yes, hope
I say to you: hold your peace awhile;
Listen to your inner being, hear the beats.
Maybe, tonight, as I sleep over time,
and as you search for answers in valleys,
our paths may or may not cross at all;
Yet I say to you, just as I say to
myself: live life to hope, yes, hope;
Hope to hope for life, yes, hope for life!



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