by Deepu.S
Published on: Feb 18, 2003
Type: Opinions

According to the scientific research on meditation, this gives very significant improvements in concentration, memory, IQ, relaxation, self control and confidence etc. Before you knows the advantages of meditation first we has to understand what real Meditation is, how to perform & how it is possible in the modern life?
What is meditation?
Meditation is stilling the mind on a single thought of stream. The basic nature of our mind is to wander, to jump from one thought stream to another. This randomness of our mind might cause energy loss. That means our energy for a specific task should split into pieces. The result is we will not able to do that specific task either completely or satisfactorily. All energies in the mind are totally wasted, to avoid this and get more concentration our mind is trained to stay on a single object without distraction.
Once you successfully done your mind automatically stay in it. Apart from this you must get a fine absorbing power because through meditation the mental energies are to be channeled, every job, from the most trivial to the most sophisticated needs concentration. All the great men reach their glorious heights with concentration, intensified concentration focusing from multiple thoughts to a single thought, which is the mind, has to be fixed.
How to perform the meditation?
Before starting the meditation you must care for five things, which are: Single thought, effortlessness and relaxation, slowness, wakefulness, feeling of expanded lightness. Sit any where in any position but it should be relaxed and effortless.
You should give your total attention on a single thought, what thought you choose is immaterial, because it can be a dot, a flower, an image or any religious personality etc. All energies of the mind should be focused on that single thought, just as a lens focusing the entire light on to the focal point which can burn a piece of paper.
Take a deep breathe and fix your mind into a single point.
Relax your body after 10 seconds.
Then repeat again, this process must continue around 10 to 15 minutes.
The power of thought can purify our mind; it can go deep into your subconscious and clean you up. You have to develop all these things to achieve the target.
Here there is greater the speed and faster the thought stream, quicker the grasp and sharper the intelligence, finer the knowledge and deeper the understanding. All these can be possible if you spend few moments regularly for this mystic mechanism. Just relax and free your mind. Know the strength of your mind and feel the depth of your life.

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