Published on: Jan 14, 2007
Type: Poetry

Poverty is poverty, mild, moderate or extreme
It oppresses, it suppresses
It breeds fear;it generates anger
From places far and wide,
It pervades like an endless storm
From the ghettos and slums
It parades an endless grudge
As the rich fights to loose some pounds
The poor prays to gain an ounce
As the rich lives in glamor
The poor is shackled forever!
Poverty can separate you from the world
In ways only you can tell
It denies you of your identity
In more ways than one
Poverty is a cause; there is no pride in it
From the hungry to the homeless
From illiteracy to failing health
Poverty is a threat to humanity
A threat to our very existence

But we must fight to win
We must stay the course
We have to withstand the storm
We must unite against our enemies
Both home and abroad
We must air our views
In ways that provoke debate
Even in the face of retribution
We must challenge our leaders
To be just and fair
We must take a stand for equity
We must take a stand for probity
We must take a stand for accountability
We must stand for something
Or we fail in everything.

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