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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
by Ositadimma Amakeze, Nigeria Jan 12, 2007
Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry



Come at haste O comrade!
Prior to my running out of breath
Hold my heart fast, lest she dies
Keep those tears, they’re all mine

See this picture, she’s my lily
Embraced in my chest pocket in love
She gives me warmth and heart
To withstand cannon balls and missiles decline

But now, leads are put through my heart
Did the heat burn her in a part?
Oh, no, thanks she’s in safety!
Please, bring her closer to my lips

Closer for this last kiss and a whisper
My heart is sorrowful for her sorrow
But her smiles is full of spirit
At least may I die with this grace

Give this rose to Maria, my heart
And this badge to Douglas, my son
Tell her to take care of him, my facsimile
I am fallen; but I pray he ever stands

Feel my heart, my good comrade
It’s filled with hurtful tears
And there my blood spills away
Yet we’re warring war for peace

Wait! Who squalls in death over there?
Oh that’s Johnny, resting with sorrow in peace!
His bride sleeping alone on their virgin-bed
Waiting like mine for a victorious come back

But here I sleep gradually in death
Sing me comrade, ‘Maria Maria’
‘My Lion-king Douglas’, be it the chorus
Oh fallen soldier thus runs your lullaby of love.

….tears like waterfalls fall


Sing on this songs, you north-wind
For it binds hearts in love together
Sing like sun flushing through the cracks
Of caves in the hearts of woods

I perch beneath the gloom moon
Like a sparrow waiting for her love
Here I hear you love in the winds
But this pitch is of a sorrowful heart

Sing me, ‘Maria’, my brave love
For it melts my heart unto yours
Could you see Douglas here from there?
Our seed of love, our chorus of love

No, why do you, tears flow within me?
Please don’t stain my heart, please!
Courage Maria, Mark is on his way
But why does he slur our song of love?

Sleep not in fields, I feel you’re weak
Please peace, cease these balls of fire!
That my heart may find rest in my arms
For I feel him yearns for our lullaby of love

Tears invade me as I recount these…. The undertakers are wearied and burnt out from exhaustion. The earth drenched with virgin blood and overfed to an outflow with young flesh. Bones of men scatter like where elephant grasses were dispersed. More and more widows, and more die of heartbreak; and orphans abound as much men are amputated of existence by violence. And we say we are fighting war, warring for our father land, to die leaving our offspring fatherless in dark. You stand far off from fire and command that we fight, while all yours are intact ‘presidential’. What have we? We die to make peace for the beasts of fields to feast on our resting in peace! Where then is the rationality if we can’t all say no to wars?



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Ositadimma Amakeze

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