by Ositadimma Amakeze
Published on: Jan 12, 2007
Type: Poetry

Cyber invasion

Depersonalized personalities
Asphyxiated in sophistication
Of gruesomeness of cybernetics

And like locust they besiege us
Minds having been invaded to
Reducible physical’ conception

Thus consciousness comes to be
Physical phenomena of physical man
The cause and course of mutation
Whereof we have no place
In our world; ill-fated and

Outwitted by imitation of nature
Besides being enemies of
Seicento-technical rationality
Quite unfortunately

For the product of man’s intelligence
Is become the pestilence of humanity

Could the ontological deference be,
Of existence to effect extinction?
For the geometric trepidation and
Geographical disaster upon man
Is terrifically an apocalypse

See trees stand aghast
As men are felled like woods
The fallen shall be buried
By the wounded and yet to be
Who, or shall not machines
Bury them when last badge of
Men begin to die?

Men have tagged men good for nothing as we are ousted out from sustenance by our own hands. We have enthroned the products of our hands and we worship them with our blood and lives. What is our rationality when instead of being masters to science and technology, we are servants to these.

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