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by ADRIANA SASSOON, United States Jan 10, 2007
Environment , Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Opinions


Possibilities Emerge ...

Possibilities emerge when we earnestly search for what is hindering our destiny to flow naturally.
There are times when it seems that we are going round and round in circles about the same situation and our horizon shows no perspective whatsoever.
Many times, we fail to perceive that we have become wearied of some situations and it’s time for us to open up to new things.

We have a habit of creating standards and routines hindering new possibilities to appear… because standards and routines imprison us in an endless repetition of the same things.
There are countless things chaining us to the past, never allowing the present to happen, things that manifest themselves as soon as we open the door.
We are imprisoned by pain and fear... when they prevent us from even getting close to setting them free and achieve what is beyond.

We tie ourselves to what was good... but now it is in the past... this also keeps us from allowing new things to enter our lives…
Actually, if we would remember that we are only present when we are whole at those moments, then we would allow life to flow without tying ourselves to the concepts of “good” and “bad”…

Many times we are imprisoned even in the Light… to some special experience, from this or other lives that gratified, and that we keep trying to repeat now, without remembering that the Light is available when we are in the present time accessing all the possibilities as we sink into creative emptiness.
Trying to live the situations you had in the past, for the best that they may have been… only keeps us from other possibilities that can reveal even more precious experiences than those we have in our memory.
Haven’t you noticed how we repeat our daily routines and almost never remember that the day can be filled with different things… different experiences… different ways to practice things…

So many people say they want new things in their lives…but only accept what comes in old colors… because it gives an illusion of safety.
To really access what the Universe has for us… we must be willing to give up many things… and that may happen in a much gentler way than we think it could, when our choices are made in the present.
Be the Light… Be the shadow… let go … if this is holding you in some way, and open yourself to the countless possibilities that are present in the moments in which when we are whole… here and now
Then… a magic field opens up with ever more… and more… to be explored, leading us to discover that the Universe is unlimited in possibilities…



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Deb Livingston | Jan 29th, 2007
Wise words, Adriana! I would love it if we could all really live by this at every moment,the LIGHT would flow into everything we do.

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