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Now Hope does not disappoint Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Andrew Lauman, Canada Feb 11, 2003
Technology   Opinions
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We are now amidst such catastrophes as diseases, global warming, deforestation, species extinction, famines and water contamination. So the question is who will solve our problems and what is our hope? Will it be our hands or will God solve our dilemmas? Will the answer come from the original command in Genesis? Or will humankind continue to move away from God and look at for his own solutions? Will we recognize the true power struggle in time?

God said to man, to be fruitful and increase in number. Fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and every living creature that moves on the ground.

Many companies are recognizing their social responsibility, but will this understanding give us truth? Or is social responsibility another mask for justifying corporate greed? A nice marketing tool that gives the public a nice spin.

I want to believe that people generally want change, but I guess I have this skepticism of people's motivations. Will the oil industry prevent global warming, by introducing newer technologies? Will the oil industry be willing to push for alternative energy sources if it means that they will lose market share? What would happen if new free energies came to the market? Wouldn't this release us from having to purchase a lot of things? Houses freely heated and cars electrically fueled would eliminate a lot of global warming issues. And thus maybe why we haven't seen them come to market. The oil industry affects so many areas of our life, education, automobile production, chemicals, appliances and etc. A whole world economy is built upon the consumption of oil. Sure Greenspan and Sierra are gaining momentum, but will it change people's hearts? The trend is towards consumption, can such organizations bring about a heart attitude change?

It feels like we are on the same edge as when computers were brought to the market. I don't think a typewriter company would have been capable of bringing about the advent of computers. Why, because Mr. Typewriter person knew that it wouldn't have much of a chance in an information age. And so that is what happened, information age exploded and goodbye typewriter woman, so sad. Technology expanded into many fields and brought about some of the greatest innovations this world has seen. And with the information revolution, the medical industry is sitting on the eve of many amazing new advances. Genetic engineering is making large inroads into many areas of life.

Inroads look hopeful, but are they? And so the computer solved one problem and answered the productivity answer and showed how innovation brings many changes. However, did it also bring a whole source of new problems? And so we have to ask, what are we putting our hope in? Back when pesticides hit the market, they looked like the next great invention. We thought we would no longer have insect problems. Same thought pattern can be applied to nuclear technology; it looked like a great thing. Not such a great thing though when we look in retrospect. They both don't look so great now in the arms of terrorist. How about genetic engineering in the arms of terrorists? How does that look? China looks like the next super cloning machine. Why? Where are they going with it? Why are we fueling a communist country with our investment money? Greed, you think?

But could the solutions to world issues be much simpler? Could it be that we like to take rather than to give? We want to have the next great car, the newest fad in technology or the biggest house rather than help the poor and destitute? Could world issues come from a heart matter? Selfishness working its way out? You reap what you sow? Sow selfishness, you reap destruction?

And so instead of recognizing the true source of problems, we run amok with technology. New cults, science arenas and religions are bringing about bizarre genetic testing and results and instead of determining the true inspiration for such inventions, a person's innate hunger for recognition or power, and so playing off of people's fears and lies. Are such motivations going to bring us social responsibility or social despair? Will we be spiritually enlightened, once we conquer this absurd death thing or will it bring about more destruction? You know, I really have a problem with technologies and innovations that are driven by fear. We are afraid of dying so we introduce a technology that will prevent this fear. Maybe we should investigate why there is a fear in the first place. Maybe emotions can't be replaced by technology. Or can they?

And so as we build towards a one world system, with global technology, I can't help but think of Genesis, where man defied God by building the tower of Babel. They all had one language. And so they were united in building against God. Could genetic engineering, nano-technology and other medical industries be driving towards the same direction? Uniting the world through one common language? Why is that? Because of pride?

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Writer Profile
Andrew Lauman

I find writing to be so opposite to whom I am. I did miserably at English as any of my proof readers or profs could tell you. My thoughts of sitting in one place for periods of time do not give me chills of excitement. However, I have found great satisfaction in allowing my thoughts to be found in the release of writing. I have been able to share some of my deeper emotions through my poems and this has been a wonderful creative process for me! Thanks to TIG for the opportunity.
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