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poverty and youth prostitution Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by ishola musa shehu, Nigeria Feb 11, 2003
Culture , Human Rights   Opinions


Youth prostitution grows in an environment of misery and poverty. Youth exploitation and prostitution are clearly linked to the disunity of the family and fruits of misery and hunger. Some parents claim that poverty led them to sell their children into prostitution, most youth resort to prostitution because they see it as their only means of survival. A girl may end up as a prostitute by running with a street gang in order to get something to eat, steal and occasionally sell her body; next she becomes a professional prostitute. Sometimes youths are sent to other countries to work as a prostitute or in drug trafficking, the money sent home to there families often amounts to considerably large sums, considering the poverty level of African countries. Tourists from wealthy countries worsen the situation, coming deliberately to take advantage of the services provided by youth prostitutes. In Africa, some prostitutes, as young as 8 years, are frequently the product of broken homes; they sleep wherever they can find a space. Under the influence of drugs, young prostitutes may be subjected to indignities she normally would never agree to. There is hope, however for these unfortunate youth prostitutes of all ages. Religious gathering as become good neighbors and faithful family members. Youth conferences, workshops and lectures have also impacted some dignity and decency in the youths.



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ishola musa shehu

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Ha Thi Lan Anh | Mar 20th, 2003
thanks for sharing ur thoughts

perpetuate the sad legacy
shoks | Jul 10th, 2003
Musa, I identify with your article. I am glad you wrote about these things so that other people get to know/learn. It is us - the generation of now - that can decide to perpetuate or not to perpetuate this sorry state of affairs. -shoks (sadc)

poverty sure but not only...
Iris | Jul 11th, 2003
Sure poverty causes prostitution.. Do you know than 80% of the prostitutes were abused in their childhood ? We have some Nigerians girls here who are doing this 'work', they dont belong to poor families.. See you ! Iris :-)

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