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Discussion Boards

Has our theme got you thinking? Want to talk about it? Come onto our discussion board to interact with other members and talk about a wide range of topics concerning this month's theme of Rural Youth. Chat about the poverty cycle, migration, or the effects of corporations buying up farmland and how these issues are affecting everyone around the world. You can also visit other boards like Employment, Poverty & Globalization, Education, Cultural Diversity & Equity or Environment to further your conversation. Discuss!

Global Gallery

Global Gallery's Rural Section Competition was entitled "Rice."

Wherever it is grown, rice enters people's lives not only as a daily food but also at religious festivals, in paintings, myths, and in songs. Rice is food - but more than a food. "The medium is the message": Rice is society, culture, politics, business, the beauty of a landscape, people in their communities.

For the month of April 2004, TakingITGlobal and the Global Gallery were asking youth to create their artwork using rice as an element of expression. Visit the Global Gallery.


Have something to say about what's happening in rural areas? Whether you are living in a rural area, an expert on the subject, or just opinionated, you can submit your own article to inspire, inform, and involve others. Don't have anything to say but still interested? You can read what others have to say about issues in rural areas and comment on their work. We also have a special supplementary section with stories and interviews from the FAO! Check out Panorama!


Need to learn more about the issues affecting Rural Youth? Try our understanding section. In understanding, you can learn how the poverty cycle works, how education problems differ from region to region and why migration may be one of the most important issues that we are facing right now. If you live in a rural area, you can find the experiences of those who live in the same conditions but in different cultures. Thanks to the FAO we can also learn more about what programs are in place and how to make a difference. Know more through Understanding!


This month's theme was developed in partnership with FAO Waicent Website and FAO Rural Youth Website
With special thanks to Dario Araneo, ICT Facilitator FAO Rural Youth Development Program

Information for this theme was gathered from a number of different resources. They are listed below:
- FAO Documents: Rural youth fact sheet and Rural youth brochure(1 mb)
- The poverty cycle in the notebook was originally in Rural Development: Puttling the Last First by Robert Chambers
- Page-flip script provided by Macc iparigrafika.hu