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"Human rights are the banks of the river within which life can flow in freedom and dignity."

These are the wise words of Human Rights activist Shulamith Koenig and the inspiration for this month's theme. Her powerful words arouse a flood of thoughts, and her metaphor plainly conveys the message of what an important role Human Rights play in all our lives. Without them our lives could be nothing but a cloudy, stagnant swamp. Strong banks are needed along the river so the water of life can flow without restraint. As you read through this page keep this metaphor in mind. Though they are only a few words, they speak volumes about the importance of Human Rights for a prosperous and contented life.
Without a clear direction the water, and our understanding, can go nowhere. To start creating our banks we need to define exactly what it is we are talking about. To read more please click.
The banks start to solidify with education. We can't jump from definition to action without going through a process of understanding. The first step is education. To read more please click.
As the river quickens, we must start using our understanding to respect each other. To bring diverse cultures and practices together we must work within a framework of respect. To read more please click.
As our water starts to become cleaner, we can begin to express ourselves on topics. The banks we have built so far are strong, but with expression we can start to define our direction. To read more please click.
Civil Society
When we plant trees along the river, our banks are protected against erosion. Civil Society is a way of actively protecting those banks. Each new effort that we make in our daily lives brings us closer to a society where we respect all who join. To read more please click.
Our way through this has been provided by our education and understanding. We can now understand these rocks to be violations. But just as the water crashes upon the rocks we must face the violations head on. To read more please click.
Today's time will be remembered for two things: Internet and disasters. Through the first you can discover the issues, inform others and become active. Because of the second you need to act. To read more please click.
Look for these special events related to Human Rights in the month of March:
March 8th, International Women's Day
March 21st, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Do you want a little more interactivity for your activism? Try engaging in one of our many discussion boards. The discussions span a diverse collection of subjects. Our most popular boards are our issue boards: Cultural Diversity & Equity, Education, Employment, Environment, Health & Wellness, ICTs & Digital Opportunities, Media, Peace & Conflict, Poverty & Globalization, Social Justice & Human Rights. Each one of these subjects is influenced by our river of Human Rights and each in turn affects the flow of the river. This month's theme will also have experts conversing on the Human Rights theme within the Discussion Boards. Look for members from Human Rights Watch, Rights and Democracy Network, and others. Check out the entire Discussion boards at http://discuss.tigweb.org/.
We have a brand new look for our online publication, and it's the perfect place to start getting active if you're passionate about writing. By submitting your material, you can inspire, inform, and educate others on topics that are close to your heart. New submissions and different points of view are always welcome. You can also learn a lot from writers who have already posted their work. You can share with them or you can write a response to their work. Check out Panorama at http://panorama.tigweb.org/.
With the participation of the Rights and Democracy Network. Thanks to them the 10 most active participants will also receive a copy of "Pole Star. Human Rights in the Information Society" English. Francais. by Professor Deborah Hurley.