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Debating Globalization

Articles & Essays

John Balonze (editor)

Publication Date
January 1, 2007

February 17, 2007

Peace & Conflict
Human Rights
Food Security


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Does globalization alleviate world poverty or contribute to it? Does it harm local culture or bring people together? Has free trade hurt the poor more than helped? What are globalization's effects on the environment and human rights? This book is a forum where dynamic youth from around the world debate these issues. Contained in this volume are provocative articles from both sides of this controversial debate.

"In these pages, we hear youth speak about what is right with globalization, what is wrong, and how diverse actors can join forces in ensuring tomorrow’s peace, security, and sustainability. I am happy to commend this book to anyone who wants to share the visions of our world’s youth on the important issues of our day."

- Bhichai Rattakul
Former President of
Rotary International &
Foreign Minister of Thailand

Thompson Ayodele, Nigeria; Richard Chu, Canada; Aline Meynier de Salinelles, France; Omagor Elijah, Uganda; Shakti Shali Ghimire, Nepal; Mario Ghossoub, Lebanon; Daniel Griswold, USA; Michael Herrmann, Germany; Roman Kosodiy, Ukraine; Cathy Madge, United Kingdom; Melisande Middleton, USA, France; Vanessa Musolino, Australia; Olusegun Olowu, Nigeria; Arvind Panagariya, India; Jocelyn Margareth Loanzon Reyes, Philippines; Shaka Robert, Uganda; Logan Wallace, USA, France

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