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Case of a Missing Child in Sierra Leone

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Santigie Bayo Dumbuya

Publication Date
October 5, 2008

May 21, 2009

Sierra Leone

Peace & Conflict
Human Rights


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Fatmata Caulker

Background about the case: Fatmata Caulker, a two and half year old child of Hendebu village went missing on the 5th of October 2008 in the Kori Chiefdom of Moyamba District, Southern part of Sierra Leone. According to the parents of the victim, Wilfred Caulker and Mami Caulker, the child was playing around the neighborhood and eventually got lost. The victim Fatmata Caulker was in an unknown location for three days. After several searches the victim remains undiscovered. With worries and stress, the parents made an official report to the village head man Mr. Mohamed Swaray and the matter was reported to the Section Chief from where they were asked to make a police report, eventually, an official report was made about the missing of the child at the Taiama police station from which statements were obtained from both the father and the mother of the victim.

However, the village headman and the Section Chief hired the service of a native doctor to find the missing child. Mr. Ndovah who was hired as the native doctor gave his consent to find the child, and in the process the child was surprisingly located in an isolated bush striped naked with a small hoe hanging on her soldier and roots in her hands, a small wound on her forehead and arm was also discovered.

The child was brought to the village and the perpetrator of this act “Sundima” was named by the native doctor who later attests to the fact that he was responsible for the act. The matter was taken to the police station were the alleged perpetrator was interrogated and statement was obtained from him and both his wife and daughter in the Taiama police station and the matter was later taken to the Moyamba police station being the District headquarter were both the parents of the victim and the alleged perpetrator and family was taken.

After several investigations into the matter Fatmata Caulker was denied access to justice and the police commander dismissed the alleged perpetrator and the matter was left unabated, the parents of the victim became unsatisfactory and worried about the life of their child who has taken three days in the bush and need an assurance of their child’s life.

Recent Abnormalities about the victim
• Always scared to associate with other people except his parents, she is afraid to see the face of a man. • Fatmata Caulker convulses once on awhile and no medical attention had been given to her since the act was done. • Her psychological perception about relating with people has changed.

Recent update.
Conscience international have visited the home of the victim and have discovered detail information about the kidnapped child from the parents and local neighborhood.

The matter is under investigation in collaboration with the Sierra Leone human right commission.

Conscience International Sierra Leone is calling on all Human rights defenders and well wishers to fight and restore justice, liberty and dignity for Fatmata Caulker. Your assistance in any form will be appreciated to help rebuilding the already dilapidated psychological perception of this young child.

For any other information contact the Programme Coordinator

Paul Brima Bangura
Conscience International Sierra Leone

55 Siaka Stevens Street Freetown
232-77200413 or 232-76616829
Email: sierraleone@conscience-international.org
Website: www.conscience-international.org

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