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Report World Youth Urban Forum: “For a better urban future”

Research Report

Saint Eloi Alker, MPH, Accountant

Publication Date
January 12, 2009

April 12, 2009



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In order to facilitate the exchange of experiences and progress of general knowledge among
cities and their development partners, designed to be a forum known techniques based non-legislative, the United Nations Human Settlements (UN - HABITAT), according to the resolution of the 18th Session of the Commission on Human Settlements held the World Urban Forum Youth in Nanjing in
China, 01 to 02 November 2008.
An idea of integrating youth participation in all discussions on how to manage the growing
poverty in cities, rapid urbanization, lack of employment, disasters and the scourge of climate change. During the World Youth Forum 2008 urban opportunities was discussed and debate the future of urbanization in general and their cities in particular with the main authorities from various countries
around the world. The youths were identified for their initiatives, projects and actions in cities. The
FUMJ 2008 provides building activities held in Vancouver in 2006, while working always in the context


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