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Youth Earth Plan

Research Report

Our Task

Publication Date
August 18, 2008

September 18, 2008

Peace & Conflict
Human Rights


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The Youth Earth Plan is a plan to address the global problems of the 21st century by creating necessary cultural and institutional changes. Young adults from around the world contributed to this plan in the hopes that our voices will be heard and that leaders will think about our generation and future generations when making decisions. The Youth Earth Plan includes:
- A review and analysis of international outlook studies on the future of our economy, social conditions, peace/security, resources, and environment.
- An assessment of our fundamental global challenge in the 21st century.
- Requests that each of our culture-shaping institutions make specific changes.

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Our Task

OT, an internatonal youth network, is developing a vision of the Earth youth would like to inherit. In addition, OT is developing a global plan for achieving our vision and engaging gloal leaders on the changes needed to achieve our vision.