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Climate Change: Connections & Solutions


Laura Skelton and Cecilia Lund

May 1, 2008

Human Rights


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These 2-week curriculum units, one for middle and one for high school, encourage students to think critically about climate change and to collaborate to devise solutions. Students learn about climate change within a systems framework, examining interconnections among environmental, social, and economic issues.

The first week of each 2-week unit lays the foundation for understanding some of the forces behind climate change. Students learn basic scientific phenomena related to climate change, beginning with the carbon cycle and the greenhouse effect and concluding with an analysis of different fuel types.

The second week widens and deepens students’ comprehension of climate change with an exploration of its connections to various social, economic, and environmental factors. By the end of the unit, students will understand and be able to communicate complex and interconnected issues related to climate change.

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