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Details Toolkit/Publication:
The state of youth in Nigeria

Research Report

Henry Ekwuruke - Nnado Foundation Inc

Publication Date
April 5, 2007

April 3, 2007


Peace & Conflict
Human Rights


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Nigeria has what it takes to bring up great youth: youth in industry, youth in politic, development and youth in economics, etc. These youth has an important role in the future of our nation. However, today our streets are littered with the young who suffer the indignity of begging for bread crusts in order to stay alive. It is no news that there is an epidemical phenomenon of street children who are reared on free-range system. Child prostitution and mass destitution of the young. There is a high rate of drop-out amongst our young people from different institutions of learning on pecuniary grounds. Most of these drop-outs often end up in urban centres in search of menial jobs. Some other end – up on the streets, high way junctions, and traffic lights hawking different items as “mobile super markets”.
The State of the Nigeria Youths and a new future 2007!

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This resource was created by:

Nnado Foundation Inc.

Nnado foundation work towards the development of the Children, youth and women for greater challenges. We emphasize and promote standards that will make a great diference create and make a positive impact on the people we serve. We express the feelings of some people, who are not able to...