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Member Stories
Get inspired! Read the personal stories of TakingITGlobal members from around the world.


What inspires you?

I am inspired by different young people who are able to connect with each other despite the different culture and beliefs that they have. I am also inspired by young children who can make a difference in an adult's life!

Tell us about an issue that matters to you and how you became aware and involved.

The issue that matters to me most is teenage pregnancy. It has been a problem since and now it is growing. In my context, I can see many young people who are engaged in teenage pregnancy and I pity them because they are so young yet they are are in that situation. As of now, I don't know of an organization in my context who are dealing with the said problem. If one day, there is an organization to address such, I'll be the first one to sign up....

Share your perspectives on what makes a good leader.

A good leader is a good model ... a servant and knows how to be corrected. For me, a leader should also knows how to lead an organization and develop its members to become better persons and has determination. A good leader also practices what he preach and does not eat his words. Aside from that, what makes a good leader is his faith to God.

Do you think TakingITGlobal can help you achieve some of your goals? Have we already? Please tell us how.

I think TIG can help me achieve my goal - that is to connect with other people with different cultures and share my thoughts, ideas and beliefs with them.

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