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Dispatch 7.3
May 2007
"Culture and Identity"
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Welcome to the Dispatch

Celebrating cultural diversity through dialogue across cultures gives us a greater understanding of other lifestyles, thoughts, traditions and behaviours. We can learn to see the world from other people's perspectives and overcome any intolerance to other cultures we may have had. The more we learn about each other's culture, the more hope we have to understand each other and cooperate. With greater cooperation we can hope for harmony and peace in the world.

The TakingITGlobal Team

TIGed Contest: Take Your Classroom Global

World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

Internationally Recognized Days promote issues of international interest or concern. In 2007, TakingITGlobal invites you to join millions of people worldwide in the observance of these days.

On May 21st TakingITGlobal will be celebrating World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. Join us in recognizing this day by submitting your member story and telling other youth what inspires people from your country.

Panorama: Online Journal "Celebrate Your Culture"

Panorama: Online Journal - Celebrate Your Culture For the upcoming issue of Panorama our online journal, we ask you to tell us about your culture. What are your local or natural traditions? In your opinion, what is special or important about them? Remember culture is a broad term and can include anything from technology, art, science, human activities, behaviour, values and norms.

Submit your article!

If you're having trouble thinking about what to write, get an idea from Racquel's article on Carribean culture:

"Carribean Massive"

Browse the Site: Culture & Identity

Browse the Site: Culture & Identity Did you know that you can browse the TIG site by the theme Culture & Identity? This means that for almost every tool TIG offers you can select to view content only about that category. Apart from being available in 12 languages, and being able to search for country specific information, the whole site is divided into 8 categories - Culture & Identity being one of them. The other categories are: Arts & Media, Environment & Urbanization, Health & Wellness, Human Rights & Equity, Learning & Education, Technology & Innovation and Work & Economics.

Got something to say about this month's featured theme Culture & Identity? How about visiting our discussion boards and participating in that forum.

Global Gallery

Global Gallery Next month TakingITGlobal will be featuring the theme 'Environment and Urbanization'. We are preparing a TIG Collection in our Global Gallery titled 'Consumerism and Pollution'. All members are welcome to submit their artwork to this collection which will be featured on the TakingITGlobal website during the month of June.

Submit your artwork! Don't forget to select "Consumerism and Pollution" in the "Add to Collection" dropdown.

Featured Country: Venezuela

Featured Country: Venezuela

Venezuela is on the northern coast of South America. Europeans named the region "Venezuola", meaning "little Venice", because many villages were built over the water. In April alone, more than 300 members from Venezuela joined the TakingITGlobal community to create a network of youth collaboration in Venezuela. From April to June, more than 200 members are participating in an e-course on Youth, Internet and Development to learn about development issues and tools for participation through TakingITGlobal's Online Community to empower themselves as active change makers.

Are you living in Venezuela? Be the first member to submit your member story!

TIGed: Are you an educator looking for innovative resources?

TIGed: Are you an educator looking for innovative resources?

TIGed has a number of activity and curriculum units for you to try! Currently, we are working with the University of Toronto to evaluate the impact of these two freely available thematic classrooms:


- Virtual Classroom on Tobacco Control

All you have to do is use the resources with your class, and then provide some feedback. Every student and teacher involved with the piloting process will receive an iTunes gift card! To participate, e-mail with your name, school, location, and preferred method of contact.

Wrap Up

Your interest, support and involvement with TakingITGlobal helps our community to grow and encourage more young people to become inspired, informed and involved everyday! In being a member of TakingITGlobal, you are part of a community that is 140,000 strong coming from over 250 countries and territories. Thank you for having a vision of positive change. Your work makes a difference!

In friendship,

The TakingITGlobal Team

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