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Here's a quick update on what was "Hot and Happening" at www.tigweb.org recently:

Shout + DeforestACTION launch!
TakingITGlobal has launched Shout, an exciting new environmental education program, in collaboration with Microsoft and the Smithsonian Institution. Shout inspires students to explore, connect and act to address some of the world's most pressing environmental issues. Launched along with Shout is the DeforestACTION program, challenging students from around the globe to work together and re-claim forests that are at risk of deforestation for the production of palm oil. Take a look at the DeforestACTION videos to see why TIG is urging you to get involved, and see how students have already contributed to the project!

Gender Equality: I Love Being a Girl!
TakingITGlobal recently presented at the Because I am a Girl round table in Ottawa, in parallel with the release of the BIIAG report which explores the frontiers for girls in Cities and ICTs. To celebrate gender equality we are running two parallel campaigns in November. The first one celebrates being a girl and is appropriately titled: I Love Being a Girl Campaign. Get involved by making a short video about your experience as a girl and post it on their Girltube channel!

Student News Action Network Launch!
TakingITGlobal has collaborated with the Washington International School to re-launch the Student News Action Network, taking the concept of the school newspaper to a global level and allowing for thousands of young journalists to collaborate and address issues of local and global significance. The network is maintained by students and contributors are encouraged to use the full range of online and multimedia tools, including movie-making, podcasting, and photography to enhance their storytelling! We're excited to read some of your amazing, high-quality student-created content! If you're a budding young journalist under the age of 18 send in your story before January 31st 2011 to be read by an esteemed panel of judges and considered for a prize of up to $1,000!

TIG does Movember!
In keeping with the gender equality theme, our second campaign celebrates the mustache! TIG has launched Project Mustache in honour of Movember, a campaign to raise funds for prostate cancer. Grow out that 'stache and add photos of incredible your upper lip hair to our Project Mustache global gallery page! At the end of Movember we will take a look at the mustaches from all over the world and decide who deserves the title of Global Mustache!

Sprout + Pearson Fellowship
The Sprout E-course and Pearson Fellowship for Social Innovation have a newly renovated virtual home! Along with that, we have officially launched the call for applications for the Pearson Fellowships to our Sprout alumni and Fall 2010 cycle participants! While each Pearson e-Fellow will receive one-on-one mentoring from experienced social innovators, two International e-Fellows will receive $5,000 each to help launch their projects and ten additional Regional e-Fellows will each receive a $1,000 award!

Can you Moderate?
Moderating a discussion board is not the easiest job on the internet, but it is essential to keeping a smooth dialogue flowing around any given topic. TIG is seeking youth who have experience participating in online forums and boards to moderate our discussion boards. You will be responsible for moderating, organizing, and maintaining the discussion boards as a space for exciting and important conversations around global issues, events, opportunities and more!

We wish you a wonderful week!

- Sena, Steph, Andrea and the entire TakingITGlobal Team!
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