January 2010
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Jennifer Corriero and Michael Furdyk, Co-founders, TakingITGlobal

   Top 10 of 2009

Here's a snapshot of some of the 2009 accomplishments we're particularly proud of:

  1. Challenging students and schools around the world to reduce their ecological footprint as part of Tread Lightly, with support from the Staples Foundation for Learning
  2. Celebrating two classes of Sprout E-Course graduates, helping to build the capacity of young social entrepreneurs with the support of Pearson Foundation
  3. Releasing a collection of Youth-led ICT for Development Best Practices in a publication launched at the UN GAID Forum in Monterrey, Mexico
  4. Co-chairing of a Youth Task Force by TIG Executive Director Jennifer Corriero, a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, and holding Town Hall meetings in 16 countries
  5. Highlighting our multilingual program by launching a dedicated portal for our coordinators and volunteers.
  6. Showcasing the results of our Creating Local Connections Canada program, supported by the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, in a national publication
  7. Strengthening our work in the Middle East through expanding our Youth For Change program, in partnership with the Library of Alexandria, to 15 Arab countries.
  8. Relaunching our Global Gallery to allow multiple image uploads and richer artist portfolio pages.
  9. Accrediting over 100 youth as part of the TakingITGlobal delegation to participate in the COP15 Climate Negotiations in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  10. Doubling the size of our TIGed global education community to over 3,700 teachers in 94 countries.


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How Does Change Happen?

While at the COP15 Climate summit in Copenhagen, TakingITGlobal Executive Director Jennifer Corriero wrote a poem in reflection on the process and outcomes. Here's an excerpt:

This is perhaps one of those eternal questions
that carries both simplicity
and depths of complexity
juxtaposed in a tension
so bright and dark that
emotions explode and identities blurred.

Is your belief defined by your role
or is your role defined by your belief?

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Member Story: Shobana

TakingITGlobal is driven by the participation and passion of our members. Located all across the globe, they each have a unique story to share. In this issue of TIGLink, meet Shobana, a young activist from Malaysia. Earlier this year, she was chosen to represent her country at the Partners in Learning Regional Innovative Teachers Conference sponsored by Microsoft in partnership with TIG. Read what she has to say about her experience at the conference, and her dedication to changing the world.

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Partner Spotlight: Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems has been an enthusiastic supporter of TakingITGlobal since 2008, including the generous donation of telecommunications equipment for both the Canadian and US offices. In 2009, TIG partnered with Cisco to promote the One Million Acts of Green project, which encourages the public to make small changes towards environmental sustainability, through a sponsorship of the Global Issues themes on Environment and Climate Change. TakingITGlobal spoke with Andrea Dil, Cisco's Corporate Marketing Director, to find out more about their involvement in the youth movement.

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Sprout E-course and Pearson Foundation Inspire Young Activist

Liesl Harewood is a young visionary. After witnessing the daily struggles of unemployment and poverty in rural Barbados, Liesl realized that people could utilize their own heritage and traditions to spur economic development. With the resources provided by TIG's Sprout E-course and Pearson Foundation, her vision of an empowered and sustainable community is becoming a reality.

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